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  • Native Plants That Attract Birds to Your Garden
    An informative guide to help you attract more birds to your garden. It was compiled by the late Es Anderson, longtime Regional Parks Botanic Garden volunteer.

  • Native Plants That Attract Butterflies
    A detailed list of California native plants that attract butterflies. It was compiled by the late Es Anderson, a dedicated Botanic Garden volunteer who managed the annual plant sale for many years. The list was further divided into those plants that attract nectar-feeding adult butterflies and those that provide food for butterfly larvae by Judy Lundy, a lepidopterist and naturalist devoted to sharing her love of nature with school children.

  • California Native Ferns from Spore to Sporophyte
    A guide to growing your own California native ferns from spores. The author, Margery Edgren, walks the reader through a simplified propagation process that anyone can do.


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