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Resources: Conservation Organizations

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This is a very small sampling of the many plant and habitat conservation organizations working in northern California. Many of these groups provide links to other conservation organizations through their websites.

Bay Area Open Space Council
Collaborative program of public and non-profit agencies and organizations working for preservation and professional management of important open spaces in and around the Bay Area.

California Council of Land Trusts
Consortium of 150 land trusts working in local communities throughout California to protect natural areas and farmlands.

California Invasive Plant Council
Nonprofit dedicated to protecting California wildlands from invasive plants through restoration, research, and education; maintains the California Invasive Plant Inventory.

California Native Plant Society
Statewide nonprofit focused on increasing understanding and appreciation of California's native plants and conserving them and their natural habitats through education, science, advocacy, horticulture, and land stewardship. Local chapters throughout the state.

California Society for Ecological Restoration
Membership-based nonprofit dedicated to the purpose of bringing about the recovery of damaged California ecosystems through public and professional education.

California Watershed Network
Nonprofit organization devoted to helping citizens protect and restore the natural environments of California’s watersheds while ensuring healthy and sustainable communities.

Center for Plant Conservation
National nonprofit network of 36 leading botanical institutions dedicated solely to preventing the extinction of US native plants.

Detailed information on plants regulated as noxious weeds by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Environmental Forum of Marin
Training program and public education services designed to increase understanding of ecology, environmental issues, and planning.

Native Plant Conservation Campaign
National network of affiliate native plant societies, botanical gardens, and other plant conservation organizations collaborating to exchange information and create a strong national voice to advocate for native plant species and community conservation.

Team Arundo del Norte
Forum of local, state, and federal organizations dedicated to the control of Arundo donax where it threatens rivers, creeks and wetlands in central and northern California.

Urban Creeks Council
Statewide non-profit working to preserve, protect, and restore urban streams and their riparian habitats.


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