Vox Docentium

The Vox Docentium was a newsletter written by docents from 2001 to 2005. Below is a list of articles in each issue, with a link to view the issue.

Volume1Number1 Spring 2001
The Evolution of a Newsletter – Jo McCondochie
Three Tips for Touring with Children – Dorothy Clifford
Book Review: Identifying Plants by Family and Genus, by Kristin Quinlan – Heather Marsters
Jock’s Corner: My First Meeting with Jim Roof – Jock Anderson

Volume1Number2 Summer 2001
A Gardener’s View of the Botanic Garden – Ron Clendenen
Book Note: Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell – Dorothy Clifford
Mount Vision Docent Enrichment Field Trip – Marcia Kolb
Book Review: Forgotten Pollinators, by Stephen L. Buchmann & Gary Paul Nabhan –      
Isabella Salaverry
Sidebar to the Plant Family of the Season: Fireweed, Epilobium angustifolium,
Evening Primrose Family
Jock’s Corner: Annals in Plant History – Jock Anderson
What have letters in the sand, a king snake, baby diaper material, and spruce converting to firs have in common?…Docent tours! – Greti Sequin
Remembering Anne Watkins – Glenn Keator
Notes from a field journal: The Keying Group Locks Up Another Treasure
More Buzz On Bees – Stephen Buchmann
New Bay Area Natural History Resource: Bay Nature – Celia Ronis Water
Chemistry Workshop with Greti Sequin – Carla Koop

Volume1Number3 Fall 2001
A Serpent in the Garden – Sue Rosenthal
Britt’s Tips for Garden Safety – Britt Thorsnes
A True Story – Kate Partridge
Tour Tips: Keeping the Attention of Children – Sue Rosenthal
Jock’s Corner: Nature Knows Best (And the garden staff knows more than I do) – Jock Anderson
A School Garden – Miriam Pollock
Did You Know? – Jo McCondochie
Docent Enrichment: Birds and Bugs, with Alan Kaplan – Carol Martin Evergreen’s Tour Tidbit – H.E.
Asteraceae: The Composites – RPBG September 2001 by Heather Evergreen

Volume1Number4 Winter 2001
Jock’s Corner “ANDERSON HILL” – Jock Anderson
Ione Barrens and Chaw’se – Alison Rayner-Hooson, Jo McCondochie
View From Within – Kate Partridge
Hidden Treasures and Docent Delights: Tips for Tours from the Docents’ Reference Collection – Nancy Smith
Did You Know? – Heather Evergreen
Have you seen? – Jo McCondochie
Sudden Oak Death – Sue Rosenthal
Additional Resources on California Indian Culture – Celia Ronis
Conifers (Coniferophyta) of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden – Heather Evergreen (Marsters) December 2001

Volume2Number2 Summer 2002
Weeds, And What Can Be Done About Them – Nancy Smith
Jock’s Corner: Artemisia, Sagebrush, or Wormwood – Jock Anderson
Ruminating on Germinating – Jo McCondochie
Ruminations on Ruminations: Notes on the previous article
What Izzat! A Docent Enrichment with Glenn Keator, March 8, 2002 – Miriam Pollock
Flesh-Eaters in the Garden – Celia Ronis
Onagraceae: The Evening Primrose Family – Heather Evergreen (Marsters)

Volume2Number3 Winter 2002
A Docent’s Journal & A Book Review: It Will Live Forever: Traditional Yosemite Indian Acorn Preparation by Bev Ortiz – Celia Ronis             
Plant Games – Sue Rosenthal
Some Suggested Books for Kids and Docents
Remembering Ferne Kasarda
Some Birds of the Botanic Garden – Jock Anderson
What’s in a Label! – Jo McCondochie
On a Personal Note – Jo McCondochie
Did you Know?
Jepson Prairie Preserve

Volume3Number1 Spring 2003
Hiking Windy Hill After a Storm – Wen Hsu
Docent Enrichment: Interpreting the Garden for Visitors – Carrie Sprague
Did You Know?
Interview with Greti Sequin, 19 March 03 – Gert Allen
An Experience Owed to Odor – Jo McCondochie
Early History of CNPS and the Garden Sale – G. Ledyard Stebbins
Lewis & Clark Plants Found In California! – Celia Ronis
Children in the Garden – Carrie Sprague

Volume3Number2 Fall 2003
Watch Out for Meat Eating Plants! – Celia Ronis
What Are We Doing With the True Plant List – Robert Brostrom, Student Aide
Introduction to California Plant Life – Jo McCondochie
April 22nd – A “Welch Odyssey” – Jo McCondochie
Hike to Table Rock – Carla Koop

Volume3Number3 Winter 2004
Report from the Fungus Fair: The Fair, the Lichen Society, the Tree of Life – Irene Winston
A Book Review Those Mysterious Squares: Measuring America: How an Untamed
Wilderness Shaped the United States and Fulfilled the Promise of Democracy by
Andro Linklater – Celia Ronis
Gardeners Say… – Wen Hsu
Did You Know? – Celia Ronis

Volume4Number1 Spring 2004
San Bruno Mountain Enrichment Trip – Wen Hsu
A Favorite Spring Hike: Little Carson Falls in Marin County (Marin Municipal Water District) – Greti Sequin
Another Favorite Spring (and Anytime) Hike: in Mt. Diablo State Park/Diablo Foothills Regional Park – Greti Sequin
Where Have All the Asters Gone? Or Prepare Yourself for Plant Name Changes – Celia Ronis

Volume4Number2 Spring 2005
A Docent Enrichment: Livermore Style – Anne Olsen
In the Footsteps of a Docent – Jo McCondochie
A Seedy Report – Pat Eckhardt
“Lichen Phylogeny” November 2004 – Irene Winston


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