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(past issues from 1997-2014)

Volume 18, #3, Fall 2014
Keator, Glenn "Phenomenal Phenology"
Ingalls, Maggie "The California Phenology Project"
O'Brien, Bart "News from the Garden -- September, 2014"

Volume 18, #2, Summer 2014
Keator, Glenn "California's High Mountain Fastnesses: The Alpine Zone"
O'Brien, Bart "My Favorite Mountains"
Uhler, Michael "Alpines in Berkeley"

Volume 18, #1, Spring 2014
Burge, Dylan O. "Ceanothus Diversity in California"
O'Brien, Bart "Beginnings"
Fross, David "In Search of a Perfect Blue: A Brief History of Ceanothus Cultivation"
Keator, Glenn "Beyond Ceanothus in the Buckthorn Family"

Volume 17, #4, Winter 2013-2014
Johnson, Bert "Winter's Best Bloomers: Manzanitas in the Regional Parks Botanic Garden"
Keator, Glenn "Smaller Plants to Bring Winter Drama to the Garden"
Cohen, Jocelyn and Alma Hecht "Trees and Shrubs for Winter Interest"

Volume 17, #3, Fall 2013
Burge, Dylan O. "Aridity and the California Flora: Remarkable Adaptations to a Unique Climate"
Keator, Glenn "Thanks to the Friends"
Dahl, Joe. "Other Ecological Islands of the Sierra Nevada"

Volume 17, #2, Summer 2013
Burge, Dylan O. "The Pine Hill Region: An Island of Plant Diversity in the Sierra Nevada"
Keator, Glenn "Rare Plants of the Pine Hill Area"
Edwards, S.W. "If This Were Goodbye"
Burge, Dylan O. "Other Ecological Islands of the Sierra Nevada"

Volume 17, #1, Spring 2013
Witham, Carol W. "Vernal Pools: Kaleidoscopes of Life"
Edwards, S.W. "Just Remembering: By a Hairsbreadth"
Keator, Glenn "Vernal Pools and Native Plant Gardens"
"Thank You to Our Donors in 2011 and 2012!"

Volume 16, #4, Winter 2013
Panek, Jeanne "Conifer Exploits in California: A Perspective from 30 Stories Up"
Edwards, S.W. "Contributions of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden"
Keator, Glenn "The Other Redwoods"
Séquin , Margareta (Greti) "The Red in Redwoods: Plant Chemistry Musings About Tannins"

Volume 16, #3, Fall 2012
Uhler, Michael "Dancing with Sky Pilot and Communing with Bearberry in the High Sierra"
Ingalls, Maggie "Meet Don Fuller, the Botanic Garden's Newest Gardener"
Keator, Glenn "Another Alpine Lake in the High Sierra"

Volume 16, #2, Summer 2012
Dean G. Kelch, as interpreted by Glenn Keator "Whither the Lilies?"
Keator, Glenn "The Brodiaea Clan: An Example of Change in the Classification of the Liliaceae"
Edwards, S.W. "The Continuing Mission of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden"

Volume 16, #1, Spring 2012
Keator, Glenn "Lupines: Helping Create California's Blue and Gold"
Séquin, Greti "Amazing Lupines: Colorful and Defensive"
Edwards, S.W. "Moles are Mean and Other Musings from the Canyon"
Ingalls, Maggie "Growing Lupines in the Garden"

Volume 15, #4, Winter 2011-2012
Edwards, S. W. "Looking for Some High-Class California Cacti in the Wild"
Ingram, Stephen "California Cactus Flowers and Their Pollinators"
Keator, Glenn "The Cactus Clan: Cactaceae"
Rosenthal, Sue (review) "Cacti, Agaves, and Yuccas of California and Nevada" by Stephen Ingram

Volume 15, #3, Fall 2011
Uhler, Mike "Island of Fogs"
Keator, Glenn "Thoughts on Island Floras and Their Influence on Gardens"
Ingalls, Maggie "Meet Gardener Liz Bittner"
"Thank You to Our Donors in 2010!"

Volume 15, #2, Summer 2011
Keator, Glenn "The Delta and Its Vegetation"
Ingalls, Maggie "Bert Johnson on Preserving the Antioch Dunes"
Edwards, Stephen "Winking Out"
Ferner, Sarah "Marshes of San Francisco Bay: Magical Moments in Hidden Habitats"

Volume 15, #1, Spring 2011
Keator, Glenn "Thoughts on Spring Wildflowers"
Rosenthal, Sue "Knowing Wildflowers by Their Names"
Edwards, Stephen "Just Remembering, Part Two"

Volume 14, #4, Winter 2010-11
Vasey, Michael C. "Manzanitas Galore in the San Francisco Bay Area"
Keator, Glenn "Some Thoughts on Manzanitas and Their Relatives"
Edwards, Stephen "Del Puerto"

Volume 14, #3, Fall 2010
Cohen, Jocelyn "Imagining Our Oaks Through Time: Care and Nurture for Their Graceful Aging"
Cohen, Jocelyn "Tips and Techniques for Oak Care"
Keator, Glenn "Some Thoughts on the Winter Garden"
Edwards, Stephen "The Myth of Green Grasses"

Volume 14, #2, Summer 2010
O'Donnell, Dick "The Fresh Waters of Marin"
Keator, Glenn "Water in the Garden"
Dahl, Joe "The New Rock Mound Revisited" (with plant list)

Volume 14, #1, Spring 2010
Hass, Luke "Getting the Most Out of This Year's Plant Sale"
Roderick, Wayne "My Life Among the Clones" (reprinted from The Four Seasons, Vol. 9, No.1, December 1991)
Edwards, Stephen "Just Remembering, Part I"

Volume 13, #4, Winter 2009-10
An issue devoted to East Bay restoration projects
Rauzon, Mark "Friends of Sausal Creek"
Tokuda, Wendy "Beaconsfield: Saving a Canyon"
Benner, Diana "What in the World Is a Restoration Nursery?"
Edwards, Stephen "Outcrops along the Way" (rock gardens in the Botanic Garden)

Volume 13, #3, Fall 2009
Viess, Debbie "East Bay Amanitas: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful"
Peay, Kabir "Getting the Dirt on Roots: An Overview of Mycorrhizal Symbiosis"
Edwards, Stephen "Our Superlative Home" ("in praise of superabundance and surpassing beauty in the natural world")

Volume 13, #2, Summer 2009
Ortiz, Beverly R. "Beyond the Tangible: Baskets as Relationship"
Shanks, Ralph "California Indian Basketry and Native Plants"
Rosenthal, Sue, a review of the book Indian Baskets of Central California: Art, Culture, and History by Ralph Shanks and Lisa Woo Shanks
Keator, Glenn "Applying Indian Methods of Managing the Environment to Native Gardens"
Edwards, Stephen "The Regional Parks Botanic Garden as Inspiration"

Volume 13, #1, Spring 2009 (First color issue)
Grantham, Martin "Notes on Growing Native Ferns from Spores"
Ashley, Susan "Propagating California Native Shrubs at Home"
Keator, Glenn "Gardening with Ferns"
O'Donnell, Dick "Restoration of the Oat Hill Mine Trail"
Edwards, Stephen "Gregory Whipple, Garden Legend"

Volume 12, #4, Winter 2008-09
Schindler, Mary, Gordon Frankie, Robbin Thorp, Jennifer Hernandez, and Jaime Pawelek "Mission: Bee Watch"
Rosenthal, Sue, "Too Much Mulch?"
McCondochie, Jo "In the Garden: A Tribute to Carrie Sprague"
Dreskin, Wendy "Butterflies on Ring Mountain"
Keator, Glenn "The Role of Pollination"
Edwards, Stephen "Manzanitamania"

Volume 12, #3, Fall 2008
Edwards, Stephen "Ancient Forests of California"
Keator, Glenn "Darwin's Abominable Mystery: The Origin of the Flowering Plants"
Rosenthal, Sue "Meet Gardener Cat Daffer"
Rosenthal, Sue "Our Sister Gardens to the South"
Dahl, Joe "Evolution of the Desert Section"

Volume 12, #2, Summer 2008
Thayer, Christopher "Tarweeds of California, the East Bay, and Beyond"
Thayer, Christopher "Tarweeds (Madiinae) of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties" (a table)
Keator, Glenn "Waterwise Gardening in a Drought"
Haas, Luke "Jenny Fleming's Garden"
Rosenthal, Sue "Marian Reeve (1920-2008)"
Edwards, Stephen "Roof Tales, Part Two"

Volume 12, #1: Spring 2008
O'Brien, Bart "Taxonomy and Cultivated Plants"
Jackson, Jean "People" (Jeanne Ateljevich)
Keator, Glenn "Observations on My New Native Front Garden"
Edwards, Stephen "Alkali Sink Surprise" (a few rare plants in an "alkali barren")
Rosenthal, Sue "Jenny Fleming: 1924-2008"

Volume 11, #4, Winter 2007-08
Bornstein, Carol "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" (a moonlit garden)
Keator, Glenn "More Plants for Night Viewing"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (location in the Garden of plants mentioned in the Bornstein article)
Eckhardt, Pat "Seeds are Forever" (propagation of seeds and bulbs)
Edwards, Stephen "Roof Tales, Part One" (James Roof)
McCondochie, Jo "Friends-An Update"

Volume 11, #3, Fall 2007
Keator, Glenn "Oaks, Acorns, and Galls
Edwards, Stephen "Deciding for Plants"
Keator, Glenn "Gardening with Oaks"
Sprague, Carrie "Starting a Native Plant Garden"
McCondochie, Jo and Celia Ronis "Voices from the Past" (excerpt from the original guide to the Garden)

Volume 11, #2, Summer 2007
Fross, David "Pentimento" ( a painting term-a canvas reconsidered and painted over-in this case the evolution of his garden)
Keator, Glenn "More Thoughts on the Evolution of Gardens"
Agnew, Susan "What's New in the Garden"
Edwards, Stephen "The Cedar Man" (thoughts on cedars)
Cohen, Jocelyn "Off to a Good Start: Selecting and Pruning Young Plants for our Native Gardens"

Volume 11, #1, Spring 2007
Van Soelen, Philip "Running a Native Plant Nursery"
Edwards, Stephen "Open the Gates" (in praise of the Garden)
Rosenthal, Sue "Wild Plants in Our Beds: Bringing New Plants into the Garden"
Keator, Glenn "All About Nursery-Bought Plants"
Allen, Gert "People" (Maggie Cutler)

Volume 10, #4, Winter 2006-7
Cohen, Jocelyn "Pruning Natives for Health & Aesthetics in Our California Gardens"
Keator, Glenn "Plant Growth"
McCondochie, Jo and Ronis, Celia "Curiosity in the Garden, or Where the Dickens Did That Come From?" (origins of a specially collected Douglas iris)
Edwards, Stephen "This Hallowed Corner" (origin of the Wayne Roderick lecture series)

Volume 10, #3, Fall 2006
Keator, Glenn "A Vegetational Transect Across Southern California"
Edwards, Stephen "Wild-But Not That Wild" (the Garden's mission)
"People" (Joe Dahl)
Schmidt, Marjorie "Growing Wooly Blue-Curls" (from a series compiled by CNPS)
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden) (plants mentioned in Glenn's article)

Volume 10, #2, Summer 2006
Clebsch, Betsy " Hummingbird Sage: Fresh and New Selections"
Edwards, Stephen "A Subscription to Desolation" (loss of wildflowers in our grasslands)
Keator, Glenn "The Genus Salvia"
Cutler, Maggie "People" (Sue Novak)
Keator, Glenn "Places to See Salvias Close to the Bay Area"
Sprague, Carrie "…Salvias in the Garden"

Volume 10, #1, Spring 2006
Rosenthal, Sue "Ribes: the Loveliest Genus in the Grossulariaceae
Keator, Glenn "Some Poorly Known Ribes Worthy of Gardens
Edwards, Stephen "Babes in Forbland" (observations by early explorers in the Bay Area)
"Some Uses for Ribes in the Garden"
Schmidt, Marjorie "Growing Pink Currant" (Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum) (from a series compiled by CNPS)

Volume 9, #4, Winter 2005-6
Sprague, Carrie "Mushrooms"
Keator, Glenn "Diversity Among Fungi"
Edwards, Stephen "Evolving Californians" (California's native plants provide evidence
supporting evolutionary theory)
Keator, Glenn "Identifying Fungi"

Volume 9, #3, Fall 2005
Keator, Glenn "Across California: The Sierra Nevada"
Edwards, Stephen "Before the Snow Falls" (reflections on season's end in the Sierras)
Cutler, Maggie "People" (Mike Uhler)
Sprague, Carrie "…in the Garden" (where to find plants mentioned in Glenn's article in the Garden)
Schmidt, Marjorie "Growing Big-Leaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum)" (from a series compiled by CNPS)
Smith, Nevin "Growing the Western Columbine (Aquilegia formosa) (from a series compiled by CNPS)

Volume 9, #2, Summer 2005
Game, John "Rare Plants in the Marble Mountains"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Eibleis Larkin Melendez)
Edwards, Stephen "Disjunct but Not Forgotten" (disjunct populations of plants)
Schmidt, Marjorie "Growing Leopard Lily (Lilium pardalinum) (from a series compiled by CNPS)
Keator, Glenn "Vegetation of the Siskiyou Mountains"
"…in the Garden" (where to find plants mentioned in Glenn's article in the Garden)

Volume 9, #1, Spring 2005
Thomas, Gene "California's Milkweeds"
Edwards, Stephen "A Tale of Two Mortars" (local Native American mortars)
Keator, Glenn "Report on the Desert's Bountiful Wildflowers"
"The Life Cycle of the Monarch" (excerpted from the Pismo Beach Visitor's Information Guide)
"Places to see Various Milkweeds"

Volume 8, #4, Winter 2004-5
Keator, Glenn "Across California: A look at the dry side of Bay Area vegetation"
Edwards, Stephen "Volunteers"
Schmidt, Marjorie "The Genus Arctostaphylos" (from a series compiled by CNPS)
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (plants mentioned in Glenn Keator's article in this issue)
Editors "An Unrivaled Spring in California's Deserts"
Johnson, Bert "Growing Manzanitas"

Volume 8, #3, Fall 2004
Keator, Glenn "Across California: A look at how geography and climate affect vegetation"
McCondochie, Jo "On Growing Natives from Seed"
Schmidt, Marjorie "Holiday Decorations I"
Roderick, Wayne "Holiday Decorations II"
Sprague, Carrie ""In the Garden" (where to find plants mentioned in this issue in the Garden)
"Some Resources" (for propagating native plants from seed)

Volume 8, #2, Summer 2004
O'Brien, Bart "Summer in California Gardens"
Edwards, Stephen "Standing Up for Sagebrush, Corn Lilies, Irises, and Other Weeds"
Keator, Glenn "Thoughts on Summer Gardens"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (where to find plants mentioned in this issue in the Garden)
Schmidt, Marjorie "Growing Summer Holly" (from a series compiled by CNPS)

Volume 8, #1, Spring 2004
Beatty, Russell "Spring in California Gardens"
Edwards, Stephen "Painter as Gardener"
Keator, Glenn "The Other Side of a Native Spring Garden"
Roderick, Wayne and Hildreth, W. Richard "Propagation of Native Plants with Bulbs, Tubers, Corms, Rhizomes, and Rootstocks, Part II" (excerpted from Fremontia Vol. 3, #1, April 1975.)

Volume 7, #4, Winter 2004
Roderick, Wayne "Wildflower Haunts of California" (excerpted from Bulletin of the American Rock Garden Society, Vol. 48, #1, winter 1990)
Edwards, Stephen "The Excellent Director" (about Wayne Roderick)
Roderick, Wayne and Hildreth, W. Richard "Propagation of Native Plants with Bulbs, Tubers, Corms, Rhizomes and Rootstocks, Part I" (excerpted from Fremontia, Vol. 3#, 1, April
Roderick, Wayne "Notes on Growing Native Annuals" (from Fremontia Vol. 5, #1, April 1977)

Volume 7, #3, Fall 2003
Fross, David "Brown Is a Color, Too"
Keator, Glenn "Fall in the Native Garden"
"Remembering Wayne Roderick"
Edwards, Stephen "Land of Discovery" (new plant communities along Cantua Creek)
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (plants mentioned in David Fross's article)

Volume 7, #2, Summer 2003
Keator, Glenn "Flora of the Shasta-Klamath Region of California's Northwest"
Sprague, Carrie "Place Names in Northwestern California"
Edwards, Stephen "The First Friends" (history of the Botanic Garden)
Roof, James B. "Floral Watch on Siskiyou County's Cook and Green Pass" (condensed from The Four Seasons, Vol. 5, #1, 1975)

Volume 7, #1, Spring 2003
Amme, David "Creating a Native Meadow"
Keator, Glenn "Meadows and Meadow Gardens"
Middlebrook, Alrie "The Fine Art of Creating a California Wildflower Meadow"

Volume 6, #4, Winter 2003
Rosenthal, Sue "Wayne Roderick: Still Plant-Happy After All These Years"
Edwards, Stephen "Walter" (on the passing of Walter Knight)
Keator, Glenn "Thoughts on Botanical Exploration Today"
Sprague, Carrie "Origin of the Species Trifolium jokerstii"
Donlon, Rosemary F. "Lester Rowntree"

Volume 6, #3, Fall 2002
Schmid, Rudolf "Turn! Turn! Turn! Autumn Color in California"
Edwards, Stephen "On the Advantages of a Label Garden"
Keator, Glenn "California Natives in the Fall"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (fall colors in the Botanic Garden)
Sequin, Greti "A Look at the Chemistry of Fall Colors"
Keator, Glenn "In the Wild" (places to see fall color in Northern California)

Volume 6, #2, Summer 2002
Rosenthal, Sue "I Got the Penstemon Blues"
Edwards, Stephen "Bigfoot" (in memory of the Botanic Garden cat)
Keator, Glenn "California Penstemons"
Edwards, Stephen "Calling All Docents, Friends, and Volunteers" (a request)
Dahl, Joe "Propagating Penstemons"
Sequin, Greti "Pigments in Penstemons"
Keator, Glenn "In the Wild" (some Bay Area locations to see native penstemons and keckiellas)
Some Penstemon Sources-Seed and Plants

Volume 6, #1, Spring 2002
Keator, Glenn "Ponds and Other Wetlands in California"
Sequin, Greti "Water Chemistry of Ponds and Creeks"
Edwards, Stephen "Learning How to Have a Pond"
Schwartz, Susan "Creek Restoration"

Volume 5, #4, Winter 2001
Roderick, Wayne "Early Plant Explorers of the Pacific Coast" (excerpted from an article written for the Bulletin of the American Rock Garden Society, Vol. 36, #2, Spring 1978 )
Edwards, Stephen "Remembering Jimmy Vale"
Johnson, Bert "Fieldtrip Excursions with James B. Roof"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (plants mentioned in Wayne Roderick's article)
Keator, Glenn "Recent Discoveries of Native Plants"

Volume 5, #3, Fall 2001
Edwards, Stephen "The Garden's Role in Cultivar Introduction"
Grantham, Martin "Grow Your Own from Cuttings"
Danielsen, Charli "Native Here Nursery"
"Resources for the Northern California Native Plant Gardener"

Volume 5, #2, Summer 2001
Keator, Glenn "California's Coastal Bluffs"
Edwards, Stephen "Bear Valley Saved"
Allen, Gert "From the Friends"
Moritsch, Barbara, "Iceplant Threat to the Point Reyes Headlands"
Dahl, Joe "Sea Bluff Plants for the Rock Garden"
Roof, James "Some Lines on a Sea-Bluff Garden" (compiled from a Four Seasons article, Vol. 2, #4)

Volume 5, #1, Spring 2001
Edwards, Stephen "Notes on the California Chaparral"
Edwards, Stephen " Bushwacking Chamisal"
Keator, Glenn "What is Chaparral?"
Allen, Gert "From the Friends"
Johnson, Bert "Chaparral in the Wild and in Your Garden"
Sequin, Greti "Smells of the Chaparral"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (chaparral plants in the Garden)

Volume 4, #4, Winter 2000
Keator, Glenn "California's Deserts"
Edwards, Stephen "The Gathering of Night" (experiencing the Garden at night)
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Friends of the Garden" (her farewell
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (the Southern California section)
Rosenthal, Sue "In Memory of Dr. Robert Ornduff"
Hendrickson, Larry "Threats to Native Plants of the Sonoran Desert"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Katherine Greenberg)

Volume 4, #3, Fall 2000
Fross, David "Fire on the Ridge" (1994 fire in San Luis Obispo County)
Edwards, Stephen "The Compassionate Gardener"
Keator, Glenn "Plant Adaptations to Fire"
Keator, Glenn "Some Plants That Respond to Fire"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Garden News"
Grantham, Martin "Smoke Treatment for Improved Seed Germination"
Dahl, Joe "Fire as a Tool in the Garden"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Teresa Leung-Ryan)
Allen, Gert, Jo McCondochie, Celia Ronis, Sue Rosenthal "Exploring the White Mountains"

Volume 4, #2, Summer 2000
Marcopulos, George "Soils: An Iconoclastic Approach"
Edwards, Stephen "Serpentinophilia"
Keator, Glenn "Soils and What Plants Need"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: News of the Garden"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (soil conditions in the Garden)
Mahoney, Don "Container Soils for Natives"
Dahl, Joe "Raised Beds in the Botanic Garden"
Rosenthal, Sue "Remembering Es Anderson"

Volume 4, #1, Spring 2000
Keator, Glenn "A Survey of California's Ferns"
Grantham, Martin "California Native Cheilanthoid Ferns"
Keator, Glenn "The Botany of Ferns"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: 60 Years of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden"
Edgren, Margery "California Native Ferns from Spore to Sporophyte"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (ferns)

Volume 3, #4, Winter 1999
McRae, Pat "Indian Uses of Native Plants" (from conversations with Wayne Roderick)
Edwards, Stephen "The First Californians"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Going Native" (our first symposium)
Kidder, Norm "Introduction to Tule Ethnobotany"
Keator, Glenn "Ethnobotany"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Beverly Christenson)
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (Indian use plants in the Garden)

Volume 3, #3, Fall 1999
Rosenthal, Sue "The Tall Tree Forest: California's Coast Redwoods"
Edwards, Stephen "Some Garden Wildlife"
Keator, Glenn "The Botany of Redwoods"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Projects and Programs"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Jenny and Scott Fleming)
Keator, Glenn "In the Wild" (coast redwoods)

Volume 3, #2, Summer 1999
Dahl, Joe "The Role of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in the Preservation of Rare Plants"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: www.nativeplants" (the Friends website)
Keator, Glenn "The Botany Behind Rare and Endangered Plants"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (rare plants in the Garden)
Anderson, Es "People" (Margaret Hilliard Hackley Gwinn)
McRae, Pat "The Center for Plant Conservation"

Volume 3, #1, Spring 1999
Johnson, Bert "Ceanothus in California"
Edwards, Stephen "The Antioch Dunes and Us"
Keator, Glenn "The Genus Ceanothus"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Collecting for the Garden"
Sprague, Carrie "In the Garden" (Ceanothus)
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Jock and Es Anderson)
Greenberg, Katherine "Oral Histories"

Volume 2, #4, Winter 1998
Junak, Steve "California's Channel Islands"
Edwards, Stephen "The Joys of Hand-Watering"
Keator, Glenn " Some Special Plants from the Channel Islands"
Dahl, Joe "The Channel Island Section of the Botanic Garden"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Winter"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Joe Dahl)

Volume 2 #3, Fall 1998
Libby, Bill "California's Pines"
Edwards, Stephen "Retirement of Al Seneres"
Keator, Glenn "The Botany of Pines"
Amme, David "The Endangered Guadalupe Island Pine"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Britt Thorsnes)
Sprague, Carrie "Pines in the Garden"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Fall"

Volume 2, #2, Summer 1998
Rosenthal, Sue "California's Wild Buckwheats"
Edwards, Stephen "A Visit with the Little Prince" (ode to an oak)
Keator, Glenn "The Botany of Buckwheats"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Grants and New Board Members"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Maggie Ely)
Sprague, Carrie "Eriogonums in the Garden"
Keator, Glenn "…and in the Wild" (areas to find buckwheats)
McCondochie, Jo "Santa Cruz Island Sojourn"
McRae, Pat "Lester Rowntree as Revealed by Rosemary Donlon

Volume 2, #1, Spring 1998
Robinett, Jim and Georgie "Bulbs of California"
Edwards, Stephen "Winter Shades" (plants in the Garden that "didn't make it")
Keator, Glenn "The Botany of Bulbs"
Keator, Glenn "Hot Spots" (California native bulbs around and beyond the Bay Area)
Roderick, Wayne "A Few Tips from an Expert"
Greenberg, Katherine, "The President's Message: Our Anniversary"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Bert Johnson)
Sprague, Carrie "Bulbs in the Garden"
Anderson, Es "From the Garden Volunteers: Twentieth Annual Plant Sale

Volume 1, #3, Winter 1997
Keator, Glenn "The Oaks: a remarkable group of enduring trees and shrubs"
Edwards, Stephen "Autumn Nostalgia"
Keator, Glenn "The Botany of Oaks"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Docent Tours"
Ortiz, Beverly R. "Oaks and California Indians"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Glenn Keator)
Edwards, Stephen "Regional Parks Botanic Garden Endowment"
McRae, Pat "Oaks in the Garden"
Ateljevich, Jeanne and Katherine Greenberg "Care of Existing Oaks"
"A Partial List of Plants That Are Suitable for Planting Under Oaks"

Volume 1, #2, Fall 1997
Amme, David "An Introduction to California's Native Grasses"
Edwards, Stephen "SCoRI" (the southern inner coast ranges)
Keator, Glenn "The Grass Family: Poaceae"
Margolin, Malcolm "The Seed Meadow" (excerpted from The Ohlone Way)
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Autumn Grasses"
Danielsen, Charli "Propagating Grasses at Native Here Nursery"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Wayne Roderick)
Edwards, Stephen, "Splendid Grasses" (a compilation from "A Californian Treasury of Native Perennial Grasses" and "Ten Splendid Grasses")
"In the Wild" (places to see native bunchgrasses)
Resources for native grass associations and further reading

Volume 1, #1, Summer 1997
Greenberg, Katherine "The Genus Arctostaphylos"
Greenberg, Katherine "The President's Message: Welcome!"
Edwards, Stephen "A Refuge for Plants, Birds, and People"
Keator, Glenn "The Botany of Manzanitas"
Johnson, Bert "Manzanita Mania"
Sprague, Carrie "People" (Stephen Edwards)
Anderson, Es "From the Garden Volunteers: Plant Sale a Success"
A recipe for manzanita cider
"In the Wild" (nearby places to explore for manzanitas)


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