Calochortus Photos

Bay Area Beauties: A selection of Calochortus species found in the Greater Bay Area

Prized by wildflower connoisseurs in search of the rare and unusual, finding and photographing the species of the Western North and Central American genus Calochortus can offer endless challenges. Due to its favorable climate, wide range of habitats, diverse and unusual soils types, and geographically isolated areas, California is the center of diversity of this genus of nearly seventy-five species (as well as several recognized subspecies, varieties and natural hybrids), with more than forty species found within the borders of our Golden State. One can easily spend a lifetime chasing the infinitely variable flowers of this incredible genus. In this photo gallery, Mary Gerritsen and Ron Parsons introduce you to thirteen species that can readily be found in public areas within a hundred-mile radius of San Francisco.

Mary and Ron are the authors of Calochortus: Mariposa Lilies & Their Relatives, Timber Press, 2007

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For even more Calochortus images, see author/photographer Mary Gerritsen’s Picasa gallery.

For another perspective on this gorgeous genus, see Bob Case’s photo essay on the CNPS website.

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