Friends of the Garden

The Friends of the Regional Parks Botanic Garden, a part of the Regional Parks Foundation, is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Garden’s important work in education, horticulture, and conservation of California native plants. Since our founding in 1996, the Friends organization has provided funding for many important Garden projects including plant collection, docent training, path building and planting bed improvement. By joining the Friends, you contribute directly to preserving and enhancing the Garden for the benefit of all visitors.

Board of Directors

Franciscan manzanita (Arctostaphylos hookeri) with Redbud (Cercis occidentalis) Photo: ©Saxon Holt/Photo Botanic

Franciscan manzanita with redbud tree Photo: ©Saxon Holt/Photo Botanic

Linda Blide, President
Rosie Andrews, Vice President
Sandra Crinnion, Treasurer
Anne Olsen, Secretary
Gertrude Allen
Bob Case
Bob Finkel
Luke Hass
Ingrid Madsen
Laura Miller
Jim Nybakken
David Sherertz

Advisory Council

Glenn Keator, Chair
Russ Beatty
Rolf Benseler
Janet Cobb
Susan D’Alcamo
Barbara Ertter
Mike Evans
Phyllis Faber
Wilma Follette
Roman Gankin
Katherine Greenberg
Neil Havlik
Ted Kipping
Roger Raiche
Mary and Lew Reid
Warren Roberts
Jake Sigg
Nevin Smith
Bian Tan
Lew Truesdell
Richard Turner
Stewart Winchester

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