California Indians and Native Plants Program Request Form

The Regional Parks Botanic Garden (Tilden Park) offers a California Indian and Native Plants program to complement the California Indian unit for 3rd and 4th grades. The program includes a 50-minute interactive classroom presentation as well as a 90-minute educational field trip which provides students with a hands-on experience as they learn how California Indians used plants in their region to meet most of their needs for food, shelter, tools, clothing and social time together.

Transportation costs are covered by the Botanic Garden for schools in Oakland, West Contra Costa and Emery Unified School Districts in which at least 50 per cent of the student population qualifies for the school lunch program.
If you teach in an eligible school in Oakland Unified, West Contra Costa or Emery Unified Districts, please submit this form to apply to apply. Since funds are limited, we advise you to apply early.

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Please specify both preferred and alternate dates for classroom presentation and field trip. From mid-October to April, we need to have an alternate field (rain) trip date. We need at least one month to schedule docent and bus service.

Please note:
*Each teacher in the same school must apply for her/his classroom.
*If more than one teacher is applying from a school,  the tour dates must be different but if possible the presentations would be done on the same day.

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Whenever possible, we will employ the bus services of Berkeley Unified School District; are they an approved vendor for your District?
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If the Botanic Garden provides transportation costs, what documentation must we provide for your District approval?


For further information reach the Regional Parks Botanic Garden at 510 544-3169 or

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