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Weddings and Private Events at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden
The Regional Parks Botanic Garden welcomes wedding ceremonies and other private outdoor group events with advance reservations. There are a number of lovely sites for small wedding ceremonies in the garden.

You may choose a site in the garden for your wedding ceremony and reserve it for a maximum of two hours.

$60/hour for residents of Alameda and Contra Costa counties
$90/hour for all others
$8 service charge for each reservation
(Rates subject to change)

Reservation Procedure
Before confirming your reservation, you must visit the garden, meet with garden staff, and select/inspect the site you wish to use in the garden.

Step 1: Call the Regional Parks Botanic Garden (510-544-3169) to check availability of dates and make arrangements to meet with staff to select a site.

Step 2: Visit the garden and meet with staff to select/inspect the site in the garden.

Step 3: Call the East Bay Regional Park District Reservations Department (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) to book your reservation. Call 1-888-327-2757 (1-888-EBPARKS).

Event Rules
Due to the garden's small staff and limited parking as well as its intricate landscaping, we impose the following rules for weddings and other group events in the garden. You are responsible for your group's compliance with these rules.

1. Group size must be limited to 60 people maximum.

2. The garden may not be used for wedding receptions.

3. You must select one area only for your wedding. Please keep in mind that people with limited mobility may find it difficult to get to many of the desirable sites.

4. Reservation time includes set-up, ceremony, and clean-up time.

5. All weddings must finish and be ready to leave the garden no later than 4:00 p.m. The garden gates are locked at 5:00 p.m.

6. The East Bay Regional Park District picnic cancellation policy applies to cancellation of wedding reservations at the Botanic Garden.

7. We do not supply chairs, canopies, or any other supplies.

8. Absolutely no vehicles are allowed to enter the garden. Chairs and supplies must be brought into the garden by hand or by hand-cart and may only be brought in on the same day as the event.

9. Throwing of rice, bird seed or other seed, or confetti is prohibited.

10. Littering is prohibited.

11. Groups bringing many cars may have to distribute them on two sides of the garden in order to find enough parking spaces.

12. The restrooms for the garden are at the Camp Oaks parking lot across Wildcat Canyon Road from the main entrance to the garden. There are no restrooms in the garden, nor is there a dressing room.

13. The garden is a public park. There will often be garden visitors who happen to walk close to the wedding. Although the staff will do their best to assure that there are no intrusions on the ceremony, garden visitors are welcome to roam the garden freely.


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