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Resources: Wildflowers

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Carol Leigh’s California Wildflower Hotsheet
Frequently updated log of bloom reports from photographers and other wildflower aficionados around the state, compiled and posted by writer/photographer Carol Leigh.

Wildflowers and Other Plants of Southern California
Indexed collection of photographs plus habitat information and bloom time for over 2,000 taxa of native and introduced southern California plants, created by Michael L. Charters.

The Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants Wildflower Hotline
Information about wildflower displays in southern and northern California updated weekly online and on a telephone hotline from March through May.

USDA Forest Service Celebrating Wildflowers page
General information about wildflower displays in 22 national forest locations, including typical bloom times, representative species, and directions to the sites.

California Wildflowers (California Academy of Sciences)
Sortable database of 150 California flowers, including description, distribution information, and photos of each.

DesertUSA—Wildflower reports for southern California deserts
Frequently updated reports of wildflower displays in southern California desert locations.

Mather Field Vernal Pools
Photographs, descriptions, and interesting information about 40 plants of the Mather Field vernal pools (Sacramento area).


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